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The Most Trusted Copper Re-piping Specialists in Silver Lake, CA (California)

When old pipes become clogged or corroded, it means it’s time to replace them. Just like a house needs renovation at some point in time, so do the pipes need maintenance as they are prone to crack. These damages are not noticeable as they are hidden. But once you start
noticing, it is advisable to repair them with copper piping before you start experiencing major plumbing issues. The best course of action is to contact re-piping specialists in Silver Lake or Los Angeles and re-pipe the corroded pipes with copper ones. They will help you select the right plumbing material needed for the structure. It is very natural for galvanized pipes to experience certain problems. It could be that your pipes are simply aging. If this happens, it can lead to poor water pressure and rust-colored water. This also means that you are likely getting iron in your water, which may cause health issues. Hire re-pipe specialists in Silver Lake like the Plumbing Boys who are experts and skilled in all aspects of copper re-piping and other plumbing projects.

What is the need for copper re-piping?

The piping in your home plays a crucial role in your water quality. When old pipes become cracked or corroded, it is best to replace them with copper. Copper has a long lifespan of over 70 years and is even recyclable. It is also naturally bacteria-resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors. As soon as you notice a problem with your pipes, call a professional company for copper re-pipe in Silver Lake.

What are the signs that you need copper re-piping?

Your home will tell you when your pipes are in trouble. One of the most common warning signs that the pipes are going down is loud noises. We have listed a few signs to let you know if it might be time for copper re-piping.

  1. You have noticed a sudden drop in the water pressure. There could be a leak due to corrosion of the existing pipes.
  2. Noticed wet spots in different parts of the wall. This could be because of a crack in the pipe.
  3. Pipes are leaking. There could be minor leaks which may be because of a crack or loose connections between plumbing pipes.
  4. Galvanized steel pipes are known to corrode. Once corrosion starts, you will soon need re-pipe specialists in Los Angeles who can do the copper re-piping.
  5. When you notice yellow or brown water the moment you turn on the shower or your kitchen faucet.
  6. The water either has an unpleasant smell or a bad taste.

Benefits of Copper Re-piping

Replacing the old pipes with copper pipes can help you return free-flowing, healthy, and clean water to your family. At Plumbing Boys, we have skilled and professional re-piping specialists who work to improve the water flow by providing quality and affordable services. Copper is one of the best materials for the re-piping job and here are the reasons why.

1. Extremely Durable Material

Copper has proven to be extremely durable as it has a lifespan of over 70 years. This also depends on the quality of water, climatic conditions, and operating patterns. Copper pipes can also be recycled. It can also handle pressure up to 1000 psi. the copper material is also efficient in transporting water and waste. While the plumbing work for re-piping could be expensive, the work will last for years. If you are living in Burbank and looking for experts in copper re-pipe near me, Plumbing Boys can be your ideal choice.

2. Do Not Contaminate Water

Unlike other types of metal pipes such as lead, iron, and galvanized steel, copper pipes do not release harmful contaminants into the water. They have stood the test of time as they do not release any toxic gases into the water. Copper piping can also resist corrosion that happens from water. So, all you get is safe and better-tasting water.

3. Copper Pipes Are Lightweight

Copper pipes are easy to install as they are not heavy. They can also get extended over large distances as the material is highly flexible and lightweight. Also, since copper pipes are extremely durable, added equipment or support material is unnecessary to fix the plumbing issues.

4. Less Harmful For The Environment

As the manufacturing of the copper pipes is environmentally friendly, you get recyclable materials. They release less dangerous emissions and chemicals into the environment. Choosing copper re-piping specialists in Silver Lake can offer you materials that can be good for the environment.

5. High Thermal Rating

Copper pipes are also fire resistant as they feature a high thermal rating. Copper makes an excellent choice if you are concerned with using fire-retardant materials. Not just this, copper pipes also can withstand both cold and hot temperatures. They have a sufficient reactivity rate.

Why go for Plumbing Boys copper re-pipe in Silver Lake services?

At Plumbing Boys, we take care of all your plumbing issues and avoid all unnecessary hassles. We make sure that the most durable components are used while performing a copper re-piping project. So, next time you face clogging or leaking problems, get in touch with our team for a timely survey and immediate solution.

  • We use top-quality materials at the best price possible.
  • Our professional plumbers can complete the copper re-piping in less than a day.
  • While copper re-piping expenses can be high, we assure you that you will never have
    to call for replacement.
  • At Plumbing Boys, we have a team of qualified technicians and plumbers who inspect the damaged area and provide the right materials for your plumbing fixtures.

Apart from offering well-trained and skilled copper re-piping specialists in Silver Lake, we at Plumbing Boys also offer a range of services for replacement or repair needs.

Some of our other services include:

  • Trenchless Sewers Service
  • Lining & Bursting
  • Hydro Jetting Service
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Water Heater Repair & Installation
  • Leak Detection Service
  • Drain & Sewer Cleaning Service
  • Camera Inspections

We offer the best materials and service at a very competitive price. We will be happy to help  you with all your plumbing needs. Schedule an appointment with us or call us today to get the best services on copper re-pipe near me.

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